Thursday, April 5, 2012

Gossip gives us a gothic video and a 80's by the numbers track

Gossip(no more "The Gossip) has released their new song and video Perfect World. I would not say that I am disappointed but I will say that it seems that they are continuing to be a victim of over production values. The thing that I love but also dislike is that the latest tune sounds like Pat Benatar track from the 80's. Now, this is kind of cool but also does not do Beth Ditto's powerful voice any favors. I know that Beth can not be belting out and going crazy on every track, but a little would be nice.
When Gossip(like I said, then known as The Gossip) released Standing in the Way of Control in 2006, it was a revelation. The huge, soulful voice backed by straight forward but clean garage band booming sounds. It felt genuine, real and gritty. This was their third album and the one that put them on the map in many peoples eyes. For their follow up they worked with Rick Rubin on the album Music for Men. It felt over produced and too clean. All the grittiness was devoid, replaced with pop tracks. The one stand out on the album was Heavy Cross.
I do hope that with their new album, Joyful Noise, there is more grit than the lead single leads us to believe. Don't get me wrong, I will buy the album, I will see them on tour, I will continue to be a fan. At the end of the day, if their career had started with Music For Men, I would still love them for everything they stand for and the talent they represent. But I do crave their dirtier sound before Beth was in Fashion magazines and they had the money to work with world famous producers. Here is the new video for Perfect World, gothic images and all.

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