Sunday, December 5, 2010

Esben and the Witch, Goth is going to be big in 2011

Esben and the Witch is a indie rock band out of Brighton, England. They formed in 2008, self released an EP in 2009 and released a limited edition 7 inch in 2010. They have been nominated by Q magazine as the "next big thing" and recently signed to Matador records. Their first album Violent Cries will be released in the US on February 8th. They have been praised by NME, The Guardian and Pitchfork Media. I am really excited for this album. They have already supported Wild Beasts and The XX on tour. They fall in the same crowd with Zola Jesus, Warpaint, etc. Their haunting sound and powerful female vocals will make them one to watch next year. Here are two versions of their first release on Matador, Marching Song. It is the official video and the live version. This bands looks pretty amazing live.

Amazing videos from 2010: Best Coast, Zola Jesus, Yeasayer

Here are a few videos from some of my favorite albums this year. Best Coast is one of my favorite albums this year. It is sure to be in my top albums of the year. Zola Jesus was a new discovery for me and really brought out my old inner goth. Yeasayer came out with an album this year that was just as creative as the first but had more pop elements. Here are videos from the great albums these artists released this year.

Best Coast: When I'm with you
Zola Jesus: Sea Talk
Yeasayer: O.N.E

More info on PJ Harvey's new album and new song

PJ Harvey is releasing her new album, Let England Shake, on February 14th. A few blog entries ago I posted two new songs from PJ. Those two songs are indeed on the album song list. She has now released another song on her website at
The new song is Written on the Forehead. Harvey has said that this album is more about her looking outward as opposed to inward. This seems to have resulted in many samples used in the recording of the album. This is a new approach for Harvey. PJ told NME that the album is, "full of energy and quite uplifting." This will be Harvey's first album since 2007's White Chalk. White Chalk was a quiet and haunting while this new album seems to be the exact opposite. Listen for yourself. Here is the newest peak at the album, Written on the Forehead.