Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Goldfrapp video for "Alive". Devils, vampires and aerobics..oh my!

This video is simply amazing. It is Olivia Newton-John's Physical but with pentagrams and vampires. So cool!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Do you know Bettye Lavette?

Bettye is one of the many Detroit legends that fell off the maps more than 20 years ago. She came back onto the seen in 2005 with a record titled, "I've got my own hell to raise", a lyric taken from Fiona Apple. This was an album of wonderful covers recorded in Bettye's blues style. Songs from Sinead O' Conner, Dolly Parton and Fiona Apple are all featured. But these are not simple covers, she breathes new life into them and makes them her own.
In 2007 she returned with her backing band, The Drive by Truckers with the album "Scene of the Crime".
Bettye is a force of nature live. She not only has one of the most amazing voices in modern day alternative blues, but she also is funny and energetic. If you have a chance, make sure you catch her on tour.

Here is Bettye covering The Who, "Love Reign o'er Me."

Third Man Records pt 3: Karen Elson

Karen Elson: The Ghost Who Walks
*Karen is a former model as well as Jack Whites wife. I think many were skeptical when they heard she would be recording an album with her husband as producer. the first single is actually good, if not great. Great voice, haunting lyrics and cool image. Although I will say, with her country dresses and big red hair, she does remind me an awful lot of Tracey Lee Miller from the Detroit band Blanche. I really look forward to the album. Check out the video below.

Third Man Records pt2: The Black Belles

The Black Belles:What Can I Do
*This all girl garage band sounds like they have a lot of potential. Check out their Jack White Directed video.

Third Man Records-Ok Jack, you got some good stuff

I have been taking a closer look at Third Man Studios lately. This is Jack Whites new record store/performance space/record label. It is located in Jacks home of Nashville. There are a few acts on the label that I think I will be purchasing once the full albums are released. The interesting thing about Third Man is that releases are vinyl or digital only. No plastic cds allowed.

Wanda Jackson: You know I'm no good(Amy Winehouse cover)
*Wanda is a legendary rock-a-billy queen. She has been making music for 50 years and at over 70 years old, she is still working. She is also famous for being a girl friend of the late, great Elvis. Check out this clip of her Jack White produced Amy Winehouse cover.